Commercial Tree Service

Landscaping & Municipal Services


Mid Ohio Tree Service offers a wide variety of services to support our commercial customers. Our main objective is to preserve attractive, healthy trees and shrubs. Our local arborists can identify and treat issues before they become problems.


Mid Ohio Tree Service is here to protect your trees and plants to help ensure safety and beauty on your commercial properties.


Serving Businesses & Home Owners Associations


Mid Ohio Tree Service has the experience and we are well equipped to handle any size project in the Tri County Area.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Arrange priorities and establish budgets for projects
  • Synchronize with construction crews time lines
  • Consult on long term care and preservation programs
  • Trained crews to professionally perform tree maintenance or removals


We work diligently with:

  • Home Owner Organizations, Property Managers
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Apartment Managers
  • City Forrester and Parks Depts.
  • Golf Course Superintendents
  • Real Estate Agents
At Mid Ohio Tree Service we use an integrated method in managing insects and diseases. It begins with preserving plant health. This is basically pruning and creating ideal soil settings for plant growth. Quarterly inspections are vital for detection of pest infestations. This allows us the time to treat before it reaches damaging levels. Our technicians are trained to recognize the difference between beneficial insects and damaging insects. Some insects actually help control the damaging insects. When actions are necessary we will deliver effective pest control that will protect the environment and not harm your tenants or clients.

Pruning is a necessity on all trees and shrubs no matter what size they are. Mature trees require pruning to eliminate dead and dying branches. This promotes health and safety for the tree and community. It is documented that tree pruning reduces wind resistance during storms. With lest resistance this causes less storm damage to your property. Tree Pruning should only be done when the crown is too thick. Thinning of a tree should be primarily on the outside of the canopy. This leaves branches on the interior crown for future growth. To improve the shape of the tree or to eliminate intrusion with structures we may need to lower the branches. Only as a last resort would we ever top a tree. A trained arborist will thin, prune and lower a tree systematically to achieve the desired results.